12 Life lessons from Solitaire


Everybody who uses a PC pretty much knows to play a solitaire.While I was playing the game this afternoon, I realized that it was not just a game but had more to offer especially in the context of living life itself.

  1. You do not decide the deal but the Software does it for you.There is no point in looking at the deal and drawing conclusions.Likewise the Universe or God gives you the opening cards.They might not be to your liking but you better play.
  2. It is not just the opening deal that is decided by the Software but also the other cards.It is purely dependant on one’s ability to recognize the value of the cards and alertness in identifying suitable slots that would make the difference.Likewise, all the encounters, the people, the opportunities etc that one comes across in life are designed by the Universal spirit.However, one’s own freewill would play a role in terms of taking these interactions to the next level for mutual benefit.
  3. What looks easy might become more difficult and vice versa.On first looks, it might appear to be a raw deal but as you play you find combinations that click and you have cracked it all.Or you might get a deal that opens up very fast but sooner or later the law of averages catches up with you.In Life, if you are born in a rather rough environment, do not lose hope.If Helen Keller had given up early and succumbed to her physical limitations, we would have been much poorer.Because she held on despite the odds, she found a teacher who was determined to teach her at all costs.
  4. You seem to have everything going for you but then you get stuck and are unable to win the game.Do not take life for granted.Just because things are happening your way now, it need not continue in future as well.Be prepared for the roughs and troughs in life.So when you are facing a problem perhaps for the first time in your life, just be grateful that you have had a wonderful life so far.Do not get disheartened about the obstacle you are facing and keep on with your pursuits.Someday, it could be your time again.
  5. Nothing seems to happen for you until you click one particular card and then everything seems magical.Things might appear to be pretty tough in life but then a chance encounter with a friend or a stranger may change your life forever.It could even be a radio that you listened to or an article you read in a paper or magazine.And do remember that there is nothing called ‘chance’.It only appears so to you.
  6. Do not give up if things appear to be lousy.Stay tuned and continue playing.One move can make it totally different.Many times while playing solitaire, I have found that patience pays and the breakthrough might happen when you get a card probably in the third or even the fourth round.In life too, one has to wait for his / her turn and do remember that it might not happen in the time frame of your choice.But if you keep working towards your goals, you would surely reach there one day.
  7. Keep your eyes focusing on the emerging opportunities.Some times, a move might not be obvious and you might have to get ingenious and for that to happen you must keep your eyes open for a card which can help you win.It is said that opportunity knocks but once.Unless a person is open to receive the benefits and is constantly looking for an opportunity, he might miss it even if it is so visible to others.
  8. Do not dismiss a ‘2’.In chess, sometimes a pawn can make or break.In our eagerness to win, we would often miss a ‘2’ or a ‘3’ and keep our eyes peeled for an Ace or a King.Likewise, we might be looking at bigger objectives but we must not miss out on smaller steps that might help us reach our destination. It is said that the cardinal rule in any Multi Level Marketing is ‘Do not prejudge’ and the same can be very well applied to any part of our life as well.Do not prejudge based on size or apparent potential.
  9. Keep creating empty spaces for the kings to take their place.To win a game in Solitaire we must create the sets from the king to the ‘2’.So when the King appears there should be an empty space for that card to be used.We must similarly create places in our life for abundance and keep our minds uncluttered.
  10. Sometimes it pays to be unorthodox or unconventional.One does not always win by clicking on the cards as they come.Sometimes you must try and juggle the seemingly limited options at your disposal so that you can continue to play and win.Life cannot be led in a text book manner and has to be dynamically played based on the situation and the environment.
  11. Enjoy the play while it lasts.The biggest attraction is not in winning but playing towards a victory.As Baron Pierre De Coubtertin said of the Modern Olympics, it is very important to enjoy the play rather than keep thinking about the outcome.Regardless of whether one wins or not, the game should be enjoyed every moment.This is the crux of the philosophy of ‘living in the present’ as prescribed by all wise men.
  12. Learn when to quit.Sometimes you would be really stuck and continuing to play the game might not be fruitful.In such cases, you should call it quits and start a new game.If nothing seems to work in your life, then it pays to do something different.If for example, you have taken up a particular career but you do not seem to go anywhere.Rather than persist with that option and trying to make it work, it is better to try a new angle or change your direction.While this might appear to be running counter to our earlier point on being persistent, we are only drawing a threshold for persistence.Keep doing the same things and expecting a different result is foolishness.


  1. Anirudh said,

    November 26, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    A document that has helped me to understand life better than I used to. It has made me realize that even games each us about life and how to live a better life

  2. badrirag said,

    November 26, 2006 at 5:49 pm

    Anirudh, I am happy that this sharing has given you a better understanding of life and perhaps this will make you enquire into the message from every game. keep sharing

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