Solitaire and Lessons for Life – Part I

Everybody who uses a PC pretty much knows to play a game of solitaire. As I was playing the game one afternoon, I was reflecting on the rules of the game and the game itself and realized that it had more to offer especially in the context of living life itself.

I shall write about each of the insights that I got from this game as different posts and it will be great to have your comments.


The moment you start playing the game, you are given options of either asking the software to deal the cards for you or giving it a game number. Either way, you do not decide the arrangement or the sequence of the cards.


Similarly, when we are born in this world, we come with a set of capabilities and as we go, Life presents the various cards in its own scheme of things. Yes we may not like it or may want something else but those are the cards we get to play. They might not be to our liking but we better play. How we play with those cards determines the quality of our life.

There are some of us who run our lives with the question ‘How it would have been if I was born a few days earlier, I was a boy, if I my parents did not sell that great property for a pittance etc etc’ and get hopelessly stranded in the past.

Then there are some others who ask ‘Why me?’ when things do not go the way they want, without realizing the futility of such a question. And they will not like it at all if they get to know the answer to that question.

The people who succeed are those who accept the cards that they are dealt and continously look at how they can play in Life.

See you soon!


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