Solitaire – Drop conclusions at first sight


There is no point in looking at the deal and drawing conclusions straightaway.


Sometimes, when we look at the deal and it doesnt seem inspiring, we might take the extreme step of asking for a different game or play the game as if it were lost ab initio.  Inevitably, we lose the game and that appears to be a vindication of our initial stance that it is an unplayable game.  What we have lost is an opportunity to play the game with enthusiasm and fun.

Life is no different.  When we hear about a transfer or a posting in an unknown place, we draw conclusions that it will not work even before we have fully examined the matter in detail. With this attitude what is possible?

It doesn’t have to be that important as a transfer or a posting. It can be as simple as an invitation to a wedding or event about 20 kms away.  The moment we see the invite, our first reaction is ‘should we go that far? why can’t these people do it somewhere nearby?’ and the chances are that we will not attend the function.

What we are not present is that something wonderful might await us there.  Probably we might bump into an old friend (or flame!!!) there or get a business opportunity or whatever.  By being closed and making instant judgements, we are the losers.


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