Solitaire – lesson III

Don’t get carried away by the early breaks

How many times have you found the going so easy that cards seem to fall in place as if it was your day?  You would find decks forming almost by iself without much of effort from your side as if by magic.

And then suddenly something happens and you get stuck! There is one card which refuses to move and that is blocking the entire game, no matter where you try!  The momentum slows down and eventually stops.  You start wondering how this can happen to you.

Life is also a similar game.  For a couple of years, nothing can go wrong for many people.  They cruise through their school, college, ace their interviews and get posted to exotic locations and start believing that their life is made.  Then they get married to the person they wanted to and Life appears to go their way.

Suddenly they find something not working to their satisfaction and that is not really Ok for them.  Rather than feel grateful for all the nice things they got so far, they get into a cribbing mode and start blaming the entire universe for the small setback they have.

Think about it! 


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