How immediate is immediate?

Tired to recharging my internet account without really using the same (just to hold on to my email id), I decided to migrate to a post paid scheme in the same ISP. The Customer service executive at the call centre told me that the online process takes 5-7 working days but if i do it at their office it will be done immediately.

To cut a long story short, I actually went to their office and gave a request with all the necessary details and the guys there told me that it will be done in 30 minutes or latest by the next day morning.

the next to next day has also come but there has been no sign of any migration and in the meanwhile my email has been rendered inactive because my prepaid account has expired.

When i finally got to speak with a customer rep, he casually tells me that it will be done soon. When I demanded an explanation for the non-execution of the request immediately as claimed, he informs me that it would take a day or two easily because they would have to verify my address and credit card details (what is there to verify and how will they do that???) and doing it in 2 days is considered immediate#$%.

I can’t imagine waiting in the ATM for a day or two for the machine to discharge the cash, because it has to check whether i am staying in the same place or moved elsewhere. Thank God for small mercies!


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