Why are they in business?

Businesses move heaven to hell to earth to get noticed and to get their prospects into their shop (real or virtual). And when the intended prospects land on their doorstep, the same businessmen do something very strange!! They ignore the prospects completely!!!

When I wanted to put mosquito nets, I called up several guys who had advertised in the print and electronic media and while all of them appeared to make note of my requirements and my address, it took a few calls and a few more follow-up calls for just one guy to come over, quote and finish the job. I really started to wonder if they were doing it for free or worse doing me a favour?

Keen to setup new curtains for my office, I stopped by 2 shops and left my address for them to come, measure and quote. None have turned up so far.

When I came to know of a software to manage my share portfolio, I called up and had a very interesting discussion with the promoter who offered to have the software delivered and installed in a couple of days. When I enquired after a few weeks, the guy thanked me profusely for contacting him ( whatever he did with my contact info that he noted down religiously the previous occasion!) and promised (not again!!) to have the software delivered the same day.After a week of no action, when I sent him a one-liner email (he must be wondering if I was nuts), he has replied asking me to bear with him for a few more days ’cause he is working on a new feature. And I am waiting still!!!

And this is the proverbial tip of the iceberg!!!

Businesses are perhaps having more business than they can service and hence are not bothered about following up on prospects or they are plain dumb or arrogant. I only hope, for their sake, it is the first.

I am really aghast at the thought of doing business with these characters because if they take so long to respond to an enquiry for making money, then how long would it be before they act on a support request?


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