Jimmy handles Q & A in wikicamp.in (as I heard them)

Disclaimer : I have attempted to do a precis on the q and the responses from jimmy to those and hence it would not be verbatim.

Q : which year was critical to wiki?

A : there was no particular moment in wiki growth. from the beginning, traffic at the wiki site doubled every 3 to 4 months. now it has 350 servers.

Q : u have put people like encyclopedia and guys like lonely planet out of business. how would people make money with wiki?

A : creating content and consulting, perhaps

Q : how about copyright violation in the wikia landscape?

A: commenting on bits of original does not violate copyright and it is an essential component of freedom of speech. there are also attempts to amend copyright laws

Q : how about contributors making money?
A: News sites where people can write and get contributions or donations but that is not working. people do not write for money but for the love of sharing and for a feel of community. for example, the muppet wiki does not generate much of ad revenue. we do not like people to write just for the sake of money and if they do, they would do a lot of spamming to get traffic rather than just contribute.

Q : why can’t you make editing easy in wiki?

A : wiki is meant for geeks but soon there would be efforts to make it better but that is a real challenge. we want more people to use it but at the same time we do not want to alienate the existing techie community.

Q : by wikiasearch, don’t you think that guys might abuse published algorithms for their own ends?

A: when algorithms are closed, vested interests might try and use them for those purposes but if it is open, then even the academic community can use search to do better work.

Q : what about the funding of wiki and sustainability?

A : donations from the people from 50 different countries. enough to buy the servers but not for expansion. wiki is financally stable but not for splurging.

Q: revenue model for wikia?

A : Ads (google)

Q : how come you do not blog regularly on your wordpress site?
A: I rarely blog because it is watched by many. i get intimidated because of the public exposure. i write a blog and then spend 2 days trying to explain what i meant to the media.

Q : Why hasn’t open source search worked so far?

A: crawling the web costs a lot in terms of investment in hardware and hence no community has taken that step seriously so far. we would like to do and we think we can.

Q: succeses of open source?

A: Firefox, mySQL
(more of this in the next post)


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