more QA from jim

Q : how about people contributing computer resources?

A: i am not able to see how this can be done. for example, serving images from a network of servers contributed by people that are spread all over, then we would have several issues. people in china cannot access wiki because of some restrictions unless they know how to get over the firewalls and if there are some ways to help common people access in china i would be really interested.

Q: local language editions?

A: english articles 1.5 million but that is a fraction. There are 5000 articles in Tamil.

Q : how about translation of the existing english content?

A: Machine translation is very horrible and will take 20 years for it to become stable.

Jimmy was coughing pretty bad and then kriba told him to save his throat for the press conference and that was the end of the jimmy q and a. thanks jimmy for your sharing.

(kirba threw a ball to demonstrate and i narrowly escaped by ducking in time)


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