My takeaways from

1. Live blogging is so much fun and so easy. When I asked for photos, other participants willingly obliged by sharing and that too immediately. Thank you Ashwin and Prathul.

2. Its important to give relevant feedback because it can make a difference. During Proto, I had made really strong remarks to the organizers about the food and the wifi facilities (rather the lack of it) and both these aspects were wonderfully taken care of during

3. I had always considered wiki as a mere collaborative platform but when Jimmy said that the foundation of wiki was 100% trust in people, I was truly present to the power of the guiding principle of Wiki.

4. Age is no bar nor does one need to slog for a long time to achieve a position of pre-eminence. Shri Bhadani showed that within a period of less than 2 years and when he was more than 50 years, he could make a real difference to the wiki world and emerge as a prolific contributor.

5. Most importantly, we have shown that we are capable of successfully organize a great and path-breaking conference cum unconference that is truly global in outlook and content.

Thank you friends for a memorable day and for ‘Leading From Darkness to Light’!


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