the indian wikipedia story – amazing stats

Presented by Arun, Sundar (Tamil wiki), Ganesh (automated content creation using bots) and Badani(prolific contributor of 45000 articles)

the pioneers in India nichalp, utcursh,pamri, hemanshu

1600 wikipedia featured articles all over the world of which about 60 is about India.

the levels of wikipedians are user, editor, administrator and bureaucrat.

there was a time when the eldest and the youngest administrators were from India.  Shri Chakravarthy aged 90 a freedom fighter and a school boy aged 13+ were Administrators.

Every week a subject for collaborate on is chosen.  last week it was Tata Steel.

the indian article quality is evaluated on a regular basis.  how many articles and how good are they? for example, htere are 61 Starred articles.

wiki for portals such as kerala, tamil nadu etc.  wikipedians come together and contribute.

there are several india projects where people can join


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