‘Conditions Apply’

Seth Godin in his latest blogpost Is hiding a great strategy? has talked about companies intentionally hiding critical details about their offerings.

Imo, they’re operating from a very defensive mode and they appear to just hope that the hype they create will stop their prospects from asking the right questions.

In the Indian context, anybody can publish any kind of outratgeous ad or run unimaginable programs by putting a tiny * next to their claim and only a true seeker will notice that this * is referred by an even tinier ‘Conditions apply’ at the bottom.  They supplement this with an even elaborate Terms of the contest in a 5 point size that gives them sweeping powers.  Appears that their intention is to take the public for a and curioser that the public also wants to be taken for one, going by the overwhelming response.

In fact, it pays more in the long run to be transparent and simple than be misleading.


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