Belling the cat!!

It is high time to bring in some pre-requisites or  guiding qualifications for important posts such as MP and MLA , even at the risk of preventing otherwise excellent candidates from occupying such posts.

1.  In order to be eligible to contest a Lok Sabha Election, a person must have spent atleast one term as an MLA (not the upper house) or 2 Terms as Panchayat leader or corporation ward councilor.  

2.  Likewise, in order to be eligible to contest an Assembly Election, a person must have spent atleast one term as a Panchayat Leader or Corporation Ward Councilor. 

The reason for this is that person will be somewhat familiar with the nuances of administration and hence be well tuned to contribute in the new role.

3.  All first time MPs & MLAs must go through a 4 week induction program on the constitution, conduct within the house and outside, privileges and duties of an elected Representative and other related areas.  Today, many MPs or MLAs are found in the wall of the House, shouting at each other in disgusting language and indulging in walkouts rather than in useful discussions.

4.  Any MP or MLA, who has attended less than 60 % of the sessions should not be allowed to contest the election the next time.  if he/she does not think it is important to attend the sessions, why should he/she go there the next time ?

5.  Likewise, any first time MP or MLA who has not addressed the House even once in a year, does not deserve to contest the election the next time.  We do not want mute people to represent us and so if during the entire term our representative has not even found one issue in a year to talk about, he/she does not deserve to get re-elected !

6.  All those existing MPs and MLAs who contest must furnish details of the resolutions that they supported during their previous tenure and any bills that they mooted or piloted in the House.  This will give an opportunity to the electorate on the performance of their representatives.

7.  They should submit a clearance certificate from the Lok Sabha or Assembly Secretariat that there are no pending payments on their official telephone connections, along with their nomination form.  Any nomination of an existing MP or MLA  without this certificate must not be accepted by the Electoral officer.

Can our elected representatives rise to this challenge? 



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  1. labsji said,

    March 12, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    The new trend dubbed in the geek world as Web2.0 is a death knell for credential based society. The essense of the trend is make the credentials, performance metric, kudos available to the ‘market’ in real time all the time. And let the market forces take its own course.
    Wikipedia the flag bearer of the (Web2.0)trend is an example of how the death of credentials works wonders.
    Make all the information above regarding the elected rep available through all kinds of media all the time. Let the people choose.
    Badri, democracy is about access( for the most marginal). There are barriers of access already. Making one more barrier is only going to make it easy for the elite.

    -Balaji S.

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