An engineering marvel!!

Watching Australia decimate South Africa, I wondered if the Aussies are really humans or finely crafted machines that perform consistently?

Otherwise how can you really account for their remarkable performance, not once but on an amazingly regular basis?

Border came and went and so did Steve and Mark Waugh and now Shane Warne has also said good-bye.  McGrath will do so after the world cup.  Yet, the absence of these seemingly large than life figures is not noticed.  Others like Clarke appear seamlessly slip into positions as if they were doing it all along.

It is not that Australia alone is replete with talent.  Every country has many new hopefuls cropping up in regular frequency but none have managed to blend this talent and make it work so magically.

How do they manage to do this with uncanny accuracy?

One possible answer to this question that comes to my mind is that the system of selection is largely driven by performance than by any other consideration.  Every player gives 110% in every match just to retain his place in the playing eleven and while that is a tremendous pressure, it keeps most of the team members on their toes.

To really attempt to replicate this model will require enormous conviction backed by a love for the game and the country than for any particular individual(s).

Can India take this on, atleast now, when harsh decisions will not trigger any reactions would would actually be welcome?


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