Are we in a civilized society?

Two events, happening in different places for different reasons yet correlated to one other!

Bob Woolmer, the Coach for the Pakistan team was found dead in his hotel room soon after Pakistan was routed by Ireland. There is lot of mystery about his death and the media is making merry with fresh speculations by the hour.

Many irate Indian fans were found staging demonstrations in different cities and burning effigies of cricket players to show their anger. There is also an element of fear about the security for our players once they return home and this needs to be addressed quite seriously.

Both these incidents show a very high intolerance of failure and reflects the low maturity levels.

Whoever thought that Bob was responsible for the team’s debacle and took the extreme action must have been emotionally distraught or suffering from a severe mental imbalance. (this should not be used by that person to escape the clutches of law). If the Pakistan Cricket Board feels that Bob failed as a coach, then they are probably within their rights to terminate the assignment as per the contract. Nothing more is justified!

Ditto for all those people who vented their anger at the cricket players. There are better means and ways of displaying their displeasure about the team’s performance. By taking this route of burning effigies and physical violence, they have actually created sympathy for the players. Perhaps this is the other extreme of idolizing our cricket players. Lets treat them as just human beings capable of failing and nothing more.

There is a real need to remind ourselves that we are living in a civilized society whenever we hear of such news.


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