Great player, poor captain?

By promoting a performing salesman as a sales manager, it is quite likely that the company loses a great sales person and gains a pathetic manager. This is because the demands on an individual and a leader are vastly different. While the salesman is expected to meet his target, the Manager is evaluated on his ability to motivate and support his team of salesmen to meet their targets!

Quite similarly, the demands on a individual player and a captain in International cricket are vastly different. Unenlightened cricket boards, quite like their counterparts at companies, are highly confused about the roles. They thus take a very successful batsman, for example, and make him the captain. Just like the sales manager, the captain has a strategic and leadership role to play rather than an individual game and often both suffer. So the team ends up with an uncertain captain who has also lost his form! Great combination!!

We have the recent example of Sachin who could not cope with the demands of being the captain and in the process his performance as a great batsman was severely hit.

Is this happening to Rahul Dravid? I don’t know yet!

Mike Brearley, a very successful English captain who won the Ashes for England, was not particularly known as a spectacular batsman.

I am not saying that great players cannot make the grade as top captains. We have the likes of Steve Waugh, Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev who were successful in both avatars.

The moral : Just because someone is good at something, does not necessarily mean that he / she will be equally good at another different role.


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