Stop this nonsense

No one might actually come forward to take responsibility for India’s early exit from the world cup. But I’m sure that there will be lot of fa(ul)ct finding missions appointed by different agencies to suit their own agenda. Sure, scapegoats will be found and sacrificed at the altar!

The media will pass its own verdict based on their own preferences and pronounce some people guilty without any objective norms.

The person on the street will consider himself as a judge and pass his own sentences.

Soon this entire incident will be forgotten and there will be a ‘back to business’ attitude.

Is there a lasting solution to this problem?

  • Appoint full-time administrators (not politicians or industrialists who consider this as one of the things they do and see it more as a prestige issue) to head the BCCI  and the local cricket associations.
  • Needless to say, these Heads are knowledgeable about cricket and have demonstrated leadership skills elsewhere.
  • Pay them well (BCCI is well funded(.
  • Give them full authority and accountability so that the Nation benefits.

‘Simple but not easy’


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