Blame it on the format

Mr.Inderjit Singh Bindra, an ex-BCCI president (seen in this photo below with former Indian captain Azharuddin)

has literally blamed India’s shocking defeat on the format of the World cup 2007 and has felt that the format followed by 1992 world cup was the best.

We earlier blamed it on the pitch, the umpires, the weather, unworthy competitive practices and everything else and we have now become imaginative as well. We have now found a new (atleast I did not hear before) external reason for our failure.

Well, let us concede for the sake of argument that the current format does not recognize the ranking of India. (why should it take into account our performance 4 years back is another question). This was not suddenly released just so that India and Pakistan are out of the world cup but has been there right from the beginning. I do not know if Shri Bindra remarked about this so-called anomaly before the tournament started (not that it matters anyway)

Knowing that every match in the qualifying round is crucial and yet failing against Bangladesh and Srilanka is not excusable.

There is no other excuse or reason for us to fail except that our players were unprepared and over-confident. For our pithy performance, it would have been really unfair for us to be in the Super 8. Period.


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