Hail Glenn McGrath!

McGrath is a bowler whose line and length are consistently amazing! No wonder he is feared by all batsmen despite his medium pace. Glenn has clearly shown the world how sticking to the fundamentals of bowling to the wicket reaps huge dividends. Not only does he bowl clean deliveries but he also bowls very intelligently. Not for him the style of intimidating batsmen with a barrage of bouncers or high speed deliveries.

McGrath is a captain’s delight because he is so economical and rarely bowls wides or no balls and strictly bowls to the field.

If there is something that is a flaw in his persona, it is that urge of his to resort to sledging at the drop of a hat!!

Its a sad day for Australia and the entire Cricket world that Glenn will be retiring from game post this world cup. Viewers will surely miss his athletic run up to the wicket and his willingness to give 125% to every delivery of his. Batsmen of all teams (excluding Australia of course) will surely heave a sigh of relief at the thought of not having to face Glenn McGrath after the world cup.

Click this to know Glenn McGrath’s statistics.

Great show mate!


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