Blatant violation

Mulayam Singh Yadav, in his bid to come back to power has tried to woo the Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh by dedicating 2 pages in his manifesto to them.

It is not that Mulayam should not do anything for this community but it is just that he is promising to do something just for getting their votes and not with any real concern for their welfare.  It pays for all the parties to keep the poor where they are so that they are always dependent on the Government or the parties and thus vote banks get created.  Mulayam’s Samajwadi Party is no exception.

More importantly, a Government should not and cannot be focussed on just one religion because India is a secular country.  We all know that this term ‘Secularism’ has come to mean ‘anti-Hindu’, ‘pro-Christian’ and ‘pro-Muslim’ over time and now is the time to make our nation Truly Secular.

I do not know if this manifesto is technically and legally valid (as per the Election guidelines) but it is blatantly unfair and is one of those precedents that can be disastrous.

 Is the Election Commission listening!


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