We are truly world-class!!!!

Don’t sack Chappell. He can’t perform miracles can he?

Dravid is the best captain but the Indian batsmen (and also the batsmen, bowlers and fielders of Bangladesh, Bermuda and Sri Lanka) let him down

It’s Sachin’s day off and everyone has a lean patch

Saurav Ganguly has just come back with a bang.

Sehwag hit a powerful century (against Bermuda) didn’t he?

Uthappa is new and so we need to give him a chance.

Yuvaraj is our next hope and so don’t kill him.

Dhoni has the potential to win matches single-handedly.

And tell me who is there to replace all these veterans?

Kumble has gone on his own.(Thank God!)

Our pace bowlers have to be coached and groomed.

Harbhajan can be lethal.

Is anybody left?

Our players are world-class.

To be objective, the fielding offers some little scope for improvement and so can the running between the wickets but there is not much else to be done

And if you ask me, the real culprits are :

The umpires are partial, (couple of lbw decisions were against us)

The format is unfair (courtesy IS Bindra)

Bermuda didn’t beat Bangladesh, (Gods let us down)

Bermuda didn’t beat Sri Lanka, (why can’t they stage an upset?)

Bangladesh didn’t beat Sri Lanka, (highly inconsistent!!)

The outfield is slow,

the grouping was not favourable, …. ….. …… ……..

With this attitude, we are World Champions in 2011!


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