A nail-biting finish!

When I switched off the telly, England was doing ok (wouldn’t say cruising ’cause required run rate even at that stage was a tad higher than the current rate) at 82 for 2 with Pietersen stroking the ball cleanly and powerfully.  And with 150 odd runs left, it was anybody’s game.

And when I checked the net for the outcome, Sri Lanka had won the match by a very slender margin of just 2 runs.  And looking at the progress from the fall of wickets, it appears to be a very exciting finish.  At one time, England was really  struggling at 133 for 6 when Collingwood departed and Sri Lanka was on top of the game.

Then Ravi Bopara (52 from 53 deliveries) and Nixon (42 from 44 balls) wrested control with a rallying  87 run partnership in 15 overs and gave England the advantage.

With the task of getting 16 runs from just 7 deliveries, Nixon left and  the mantle fell on Ravi who took England within 3 runs of victory but perished at the very last ball.

The spirit of ‘never say die’ was present in both the teams and both deserved to win the match.

I really wish it were a tie! 


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