Straight from the heart!

I had attended a conference on Technology, Marketing and Funding for SMEs organized by CII. While there were speakers from different service providers, one person caught the attention of everyone, not because he was the most eloquent, in fact there were others who were more flowery than him in their language, but because he spoke from his heart.

It was Shri Bangera, Managing Director of Hitech Arai Ltd!

Not for him the various management jargons and cliches (although he is an IIM grad)! Not for him the glitzy multimedia presentations either!

He spoke of quality in a manner that made people sit up especially when he talked about ISO being a way of life in his organization. All of us who were in some way or other involved in an ISO accreditation were cognizant of the last minute preparation of the registers and the data just before the main and surveillance audits. But when he talked about his organization living the ISO way, that really hit all of us!

He then talked about the shortage of manpower and about the biggies treating his talent as a pool to poach from and that really struck chord with all of us who were struggling to get suitable candidates and retain them.

He talked about the Vision Statement of his organization being created by everyone (including the watchman) as against the empty but high sounding words of a CEO or the craftwork of an external consultant fit only to adorn the walls of the board room.

In the background of all this, Shri Bangera walked us through the success turnaround of his company. From a turnover of 80 lakhs on an equity base of 12 Lakhs and accumulated losses of 30 lakhs in 1990, Hitech is today a Rs.190 crore enterprise on an equity base of 5.6 crores (47% being held by Mitsubishi and Arai of Japan) and networth of about 60 crores.

More than the monetary figures, what is more impressive is his conviction that quality and continous improvement alone could keep an organization truly prosperous. I recall his words “Market sets the price and hence its your mastery over cost that can dictate the profit”.


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