Being alone!

In a crowded place such as an airport or a railway station, it is always interesting to watch people.

Some sleep, some others read a newspaper and there are some who keep fiddling with their cell phones calling or sms’ng.  But there is an element of commonality out there, which is everybody is out doing something.

It is interesting to observe that people are loath to be without some activity or other.  They cannot be doing just nothing.  Even at home, there is a compulsive need to switch on the tv or the pc or the mobile even if there is nothing worthwhile there.  Some others open the fridge and look for something to eat.   In essence, some activity or other!

Probably, there are many internal conversations that would surface if they try to be with themselves and they do not want that because they are not ok with that.

People are not comfortable being with themselves! 


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