Hello, how are you?

Just the other day, I had sent a sms to my cousin inviting him for a meeting.  He called up to express his inability to attend the same but what happened next was astounding!

He talked about the challenges at his workplace and his ambition to make a mark there.  He shared straight from the heart about some of the issues both personal and professional that he is confronting.

We have never had such a conversation (which lasted for about 30 minutes) so far.

I saw how people really want someone to speak to and how difficult it has become for such conversations to happen  just because people have no time for others at all!

I suspect this is the problem that teens are also facing at home and school/college and this alone drives many to undesirable company and / or habits.

Can we call our friends and relatives once in a while just to say hello and listen to them?


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