He who giveth, taketh!

Once again, the Prime Minister’s prerogative of appointing and removing his Cabinet Members has been taken away from him.

In 2004, when Dayanidhi Maran was appointed as the Union Minister of Communications and IT, there was a clear conflict of interest given his brother’s media empire but the PM gave in.

And when there were instances showing the young minister behaving brashly with the likes of Ratan Tata, no action  was taken and he was allowed to go scot free.

And now, although there have been no issues with his performance as a Minister, but because the TN CM felt that he indulged in anti-party activities, there has been a demand to drop him from the cabinet.  In order to avoid loss of face, Dayanidhi Maran has chosen to resign from his post.

Strange are the ways of politics! 


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