Just don’t do it in public!

Its really ok to have pretty intimate scenes involving semi-nude or scantily clad women on the screen (big and small) but its not done if a celebrity is kissed in a public stage by another!

Suddenly the Bharati Nari  slogan is raised and a big hue and cry is mad, cases are filed in courts to physically and mentally harass the concerned person.

Yeah, I’m referring to the incident involving Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere which has now gone to the level of the Supreme Court and clogged the valuable time of the Judiciary.

Millions of cases involving life and death for the citizens of this country are pending in our courts for years now but sensation takes over and everything else is shunted behind.

Sometime back it was the case of Tamil actress Khusboo who  was driven to tears for her inadvertent remarks about sexuality in Tamil women and now it is Shilpa Shetty!  I agree that it is a price they pay for being famous but surely there are better ways of showing our genuine anger (if we have any) against them than just file cases with nothing more than harassment and media sensation in mind.

What a perverted logic!


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