Failures not tolerated here!

I read with great anguish about a girl committing suicide ahead of her results.  And when the results were out, her scores were 875 out of 1200 which is a creditable 72.91%.  My heart bleeds for this person who could have created a whole new future for herself and for her parents as well.

We do not really know what drove this girl to this extreme step  but one thing is clear.  Our education system and our culture puts a severe strain on students who are driven to get good scores.

Parents are the principal players in this game and this is evident at all levels.  The extent to which parents compare their children’s performance even in the entry levels such as Pre-KG with their peers is sometimes nauseating.  If you cannot see your children fail in their education, don’t put them in the school.  Its really ok for them to fail and its no big deal. Life  is much more precious than 1 year or not getting into Engineering or Medicine.

Whilst at college, two of my friends (consistent toppers all the while) found that their scores for Chemistry Practicals in the final year was less than 40 and hence lost one year.  They did not give up and cleared the exams in the next available opportunity.  They went on to join some of the excellent institutions for Post Graduation and while one is a Scientist working for a multinational in the US, another is leading a garment major in India.  If they had given up at that point of time, nothing would have been possible.

My sincere appeal to students : You are bigger than your scores and marks.  You are uniquely gifted and you have come to this planet with a purpose of making your mark in your own way.  Treat your failures as stepping stones to your success.


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