Laptops at Rs.420?

I initially thought that since ‘0’s have no value by themselves, some bright chap said ‘lets remove atleast one’. And when I read the title of this post, I thought there was a mistake. But as I read it fully, I realized that there was more than one.

1. Why is the Government trying to get back into business once again? It is better off giving the idea and facility to an entrepreneur with a stipulation on the selling price and a royalty for every piece sold than doing it by itself.

2. Are there so many power sockets in schools that every kid can use it? Further is there power available at every town or village?

3. What is the software or content that is available so that people can use this Rs.420 (assuming its feasible) laptop?

4. If they can make a laptop at Rs.420, surely they can make a TV at that price or lower! The demand on the exchequer for the Free Distribution of TVs in Tamil Nadu can be brought down drastically just by this one stroke!

More on this shortly!


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