A much better day

I was quite reluctant to attend the second day of SearchCamp but hope and optimism took over. Although i reached the venue only at 9:30 am, the day’s proceedings had just begun. And unlike the first day (where breakfast was just a sandwich), I was greeted by really sumptous pongal and vadai.

Couple of sessions were lively and also quite relevant (atleast for me) with Ratan of Pinstorm leading the way with an elaborate brief (a real oxymoron??) about brief!!!. Atlast someone was talking about a campaign and about the client. And then Vikram (of Efficient Frontier, the self-styled ‘largest SEM company in the world) launched into an exposition about algorithms, their need and complexity. I thought he started well but slowly thanks also to Rajeev Bala’s questions (which showed the audience that he knew all the jargons but nothing more) it became technical and abruptly ended.

The session that followed (again from Pinstorm) was jargon-filled and was also argumentative that required frequent interventions from Ratan of Pinstorm.

Perhaps the best session(s) of the day were short but really sweet on PPC Campaigns from Prasanna of eBrandz and Saravanan of ilink systems. Both spoke clearly and the language of the clients while offering meaningful and implementable suggestions to make Campaigns effective. Alas, the timing enforcement was strict only on those sessions.

Thanks to the curd rice, the post lunch sessions were clearly OHP until Kiruba called for a Q&A in which most questions was pointedly anti-Google practices and the responses from Google were also quiet muted. This was followed by yet another panel presentation on whether to outsource SEM or not and it was time to leave.

My biggest take-away for the day was finding a few professionals who were talking sense (for a change) and also offered some inputs for making my proposed campaigns powerful.

While Pinstorm might be a leading firm in the area of Search, it appeared excessive that three presentation slots plus one panel presentation slot were allotted to members of Pinstorm. Likewise, Vikram and Vivek participated in a panel as well as presented and Rajesh Sule figured in both panels. Either there is a real dearth of qualified professionals or the organizers were not able to get more people to share their experiences and expertise!!

It was also pathetic to watch a couple of participants hijacking the sessions with long winding or pompous questions and also getting away with it every time.

Hopefully SearchCamp 2.0 will address these issues and also clearly define the target audience for the event to generate maximum value for the participants.



  1. October 8, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    […] had mentioned this in passing in my earlier post, but felt that i must devote an entire post for this aspect which I found highly […]

  2. March 19, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    […] Also Prasanna (from eBrandz) and Saravanan of iLink Systems had a session on PPC management and strategies. I guess a few people liked this session as can be seen in this post. […]

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