For future SearchCamps

From my limited experience with the recently  concluded SearchCamp in Chennai, I observed that the majority of the participants were from the SEO and SEM(or rather Search) industry and few of us were clients or potential clients.

Given this wide gap between the participant profile and also to create higher level of awareness about Search Marketing, I suggest that we can have one day for the SE Professionals which will, in a focussed manner address issues facing the industry and sharing of best practices.  We can also have strictly one minute slots for any guy (like it was done at proto) who wants to make an elevator speech to attract quality employees and that can trigger networking in an offline mode as well.

The other day could be devoted to addressing the concerns and issues of clients and have presentations like the ones made by Ratan, Prasana and Saravanan with lot of time for user interaction etc.

We could also have many speakers and professionals including the people from the Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc sharing their expertise rather than just a limited few going up to the podium quite often.

This will bring sharpness to the entire event and also give maximum value for the participants.

Kiruba, Syed and other folks at Knowledge Foundation!  You have always listened to inputs and also acted on them!  Will you do an encore with this as well!!


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