For spirited Panel Presentations!

It seemed a pity that the organizers had to use the same theme of outsourcing vs in-house for the Panel presentations on both the days, with just a slight difference!  We heard some actual customers voicing their reservations about outsourcing on the second day whereas on day one the verdict was out even before the panel started with the lone person talking about in-house being an outsourcer himself!

Atleast on the second day, we could have had the panel consisting of four clients, two who have outsourced and two who have kept their SEM operations in-house and that could have been more lively and relevant, rather than asking the same persons to say almost the same things on both the days.

I distinctly remember an inspired and evenly balanced discussion of Wiki vs Blogging at the Wikicamp, not very long ago! With such a gathering of SEO and SEM professionals, perhaps a better Panel Topic could have been “Which mode, SEO or SEM, creates sustained value for the Clients?” . 

Another topic that could have livened up the atmosphere was “Will Google continue to dominate the Search business by 2012? If so why and if not, who will be the new Emperor”?

Yet another topic that comes  to my mind is ” Will CPC give way to a newer and more advertiser-friendly model or will it hold?”

My intentions of writing these seemingly negative posts about the SearchCamp are only to make future editions that much more valuable to all concerned.  I’m confident that the Knowledge Foundation will do well to pay heed to the feedback and take action.

I’m also seeking active comments from the other participants and create a lively debate that could serve as a cauldron of ideas for the future versions.

Three Cheers to the Knowledge Foundation for taking the initiative and bringing SearchCamp to India and to Chennai.


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