Timeouts for questions and answers??

I had mentioned this in passing in my earlier post, but felt that i must devote an entire post for this aspect which I found highly disturbing.

Someone said ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ and some of us have heard about KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) but it appears that there are many people who have not done so.  And it so happened that many of those people actually asked the questions at various points of the SearchCamp and what was even more tragic was the lengthy and winded responses that sometimes missed the questions by miles!!

My intention is not to point fingers at any individual(s) but to highlight the huge wastage of time of the entire audience listening to sentences without a comma or a full stop.

In the interest of the event and of the larger community, we must ruthlessly enforce time limits for each question as well as for each answer. If a question cannot be asked within a minute, it doesn’t deserve to be answered and likewise if a person cannot adequately answer within 2 minutes, then he is clearly stalling.  I must credit Kiruba for doing it occassionally but on those rare instances, some genuine guys got cut out while the real culprits escaped scot free!

And if nobody is willing to take that responsibility of enforcing timings, then the collective wisdom of the crowd needs to do it so that time is not wasted to pamper self-egos and inflated discourses.

I remember an event organized by MMA (Madras Management Association) wherein our former Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan presided.  He did not allow any question that was vague or pompous or lengthy and quickly cut the person and the query mercilessly to size.

We need the likes of TN Seshan for the future events organized by the Knowledge Foundation.

Any crisp responses?


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