Perils of Copy Paste

Yesterday, I was amused to find an announcement in the e-edition of a popular newspaper which read ” … there will be no edition of ……  dated 16th September 2007.”

This was a cut and paste of a similar announcement on 15th September on account of Vinayaga Chaturthi but whoever responsible obviously was in haste and did not change the date.

Shows how even elephants can trip (a literal translation of a Tamil proverb).

I had written to them pointing out the gaffe and it is really gratifying to note that they have taken necessary action.

This post is not to point out the goof-up by establishment but simply the peril of mindless copy paste.  Each one of us have gone through some similar experiences, haven’t we?  Some were trivial but others were quite nasty.

Let’s take care  while we attempt “control c” and ‘Control v’.


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