Fortune favours the brave

The incredible win that the Aussies have accomplished in the second test against India at Sydney, once again proves that one needs to be daring to be successful.  Unfortunately, this aspect will be overshadowed by the woeful umpiring decisions that have gone against us.

If one traces the path of this test, Australia struggled initially in the first innings but managed to gain respectability thanks to a fighting century by Symonds well supported by Hogg.  India’s batting strength finally surfaced with Laxman and Sachin scoring centuries and establishing a lead, albeit meagre.

And with just two days to go, it appeared that the test would certainly be a draw but the Aussies did not let it go by sentiment.  Some aggressive batting by Hayden and Hussey helped them reach 400 runs for the second time in the match and then Ponting declared, setting an ambitious target for India.

India’s celebrated batting line-up once again faltered with some saving graces being Rahul Dravid and Ganguly but the match seemed to inevitably end in a draw.  Despite the fact it was the penultimate over and there were 3 more wickets to be taken, any team would have thrown in the towel but not so with the Aussies.  Their man of the moment was Clarke who took 3 wickets in 5 deliveries to win the game for them.

Even though there were some wrong decisions,  it cannot be denied that the fighters ultimately won.  Not all the 20 Indian wickets that fell in the test, were on account of dubious umpiring.

Wonderful show of resilience & competition by the Aussies!


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