Call off the tour?

I just got an email from a dear friend who has drafted a petition to the BCCI to call off the tour. I am also seeing such responses in various fora including the visual media which has suddenly become so patriotic and vociferous!

My response to my friend and the shrill voices is this:

Your initiative in the form of a petition to the BCCI to call off the tour is well-intentioned but not well-grounded. If the lives of the players is in danger, then yes. but just because one player has been banned for 3 tests (for whatever reason), doesn’t really qualify or justify calling off the tour! We might feel slighted but the response ought to be dignified and not by filing a counter complaint against Brad Hogg.
I’m also against this punishment on Singh and you can read my post on this issue but I’m not treating this as a national insult that warrants a call-off. The umpiring decisions were shoddy and perhaps even deliberate but when we attribute our defeat to only that, we are ignoring reality. It is unfortunate and we should use this opportunity to bring in reforms at ICC including a veto on the umpires when they are clearly known to be hostile.
Right now, we have the understanding and the sympathy of the right minded and we will only blow it by taking hasty decisions.
Thanks for your listening.

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