Delhi ID Cards!

The decision of the Lt Governor of Delhi to make carrying of photo identity cards mandatory in Delhi is ambitious at best and is not well thought through.

There are several people who come to Delhi from outside on work, business, in search of work, meetings, conferences, vacation, to watch the RDay parade etc etc.  Even assuming that the current definition excludes visitors, how would anybody be able to prove that he / she is not from Delhi and what if a terrorist from Pakistan or Bangladesh or any other part of the country uses the same excuse?

There are so many migrant labourers in Delhi itself who are not recognized by any census or survey and do not come under any official lens.  How would these people suddenly get an id and that too a valid photo id within such a short time?

Will this not lead to malpractices and corruption at the issuing centers and will that not again defeat the purpose?  Let us remember that these are the people who are homeless and are likely to be questioned by the Police and not the ones in GK II or Akbar road!

And most importantly, does Delhi police have the technology, infrastructure or the wherewithal to enforce this audacious proposal?  What stops them from taking anybody into custody on the flimsy grounds that the person is not carrying the id?  And how difficult is to get an id if you have the money to spend for it?

Now Shiv Sena is demanding a similar scheme for Mumbai!  Where will this stop?  Do we belong to the same country or are we citizens of pockets like Delhi or Mumbai?

The government is, under the guise of humanity and secularism is soft on terrorists.  They allow Pakistanis to come by bus and train without the facilities to ensure that they leave back to their country.  There is a huge infiltration at the borders of Bangladesh and the Government is spineless to check that intrusion.  They encourage ‘ex-militants’ to join forces like CRPF without realizing (or bothering to care about) the impact.

And then they ask everybody to carry an identity card!

Strange are the ways of the Governments!!


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