Mahabharatha in Cricket??

When Benson asked Ponting if the Clarke catch was clean and went by his word, I was suddenly reminded of the “Ashwattama Hata Kunjara” episode in Mahabharata war.

When Drona was on a rampage and virtually decimated the Pandava army, Krishna suggested sleight of hand.  He knew Drona’s weakness was his son Aswattama and so he asked Bhima to kill an elephant by name Aswattama and asked him to crow about killing Aswattama. Drona could not believe that his son could be killed and hence asked Yudhistra if it was true.  Yudhistra who is known for his “no-lies” policy, succumbed to the pressure and said “Aswattama Hata Kunjara” meaning “Aswattama the elephant is dead” and Krishna blew his conch so loud that the elephant connotation was not audible.  Drona took Yudhistra’s word and kept his weapons aside and started meditating and it was at that juncture that Dhristadyumna took his sword and beheaded Drona.

The comparison is not straight-forward but then Benson took  Ponting’s word as gospel (Ponting stood to gain by Saurav’s dismissal and hence there is a real conflict of interest) to declare Saurav out, caught by Clarke.

And Ponting is no Yudhistra either!!

History repeats itself although centuries later and in a different continent altogether!!


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