Why drag Hanuman into this now?

I am surprised by the stout defence from the Australian Indian Association and Prem Panickar about the reported use of word  “Monkey” by Harbhajan against Symonds.  While the former has said that Indians hold Monkey in great esteem by worshipping a monkey god Hanuman, the latter has claimed in his article that his wife uses that term in an endearing fashion and therefore the reported use of “monkey” is not derogatory.

I beg to differ!

While it is true that we worship Hanuman, Harbhajan (if he really used the word against Symonds) did not intend it as a prayer nor was Hanuman anywhere near in his thoughts, if and when he said that.  Neither did Harbhajan use that word (if he did) in an endearing manner similar to the one Mrs.Panickar used at her husband.  Symonds’ face reminded him of a monkey and so he called him that.  Plain and simple!

Clearly there is no racism but it is in very bad taste.

If Harbhajan did call Symonds “Monkey”, he needs to apologise and in public for his poor manners.  And if he didn’t say that, Symonds ought to have his ears checked by an eminent audiologist and apologize for creating the entire episode from nothing. As far as the testimony of Ponting and Gilchrist go, the less said the better.

Both the ban & the threat to call the tour off are juvenile !


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