Bangalore vs Chennai!!

I had always held the auto drivers in Bangalore (and of course Mumbai) in high esteem, especially compared to those in Chennai, my home town.

So it came as a rude shock when on alighting from the train at Cantonment station, I was approached by an auto driver who said he will take 3 of us to Garuda mall behind Brigade road and demanded 70…75 rupees.  In fact, he was sizing up my colleague and the size of his wallet when he upped his demand to 75!  so much so for the degradation in the standards of auto drivers in Bangalore! Even my friend said that”Hey! these guys seemed to have got some coaching from Chennal”

But there was a silver lining to the entire episode in the form of a pre-paid operation run by the traffic police or the Corporation.  For Rs.1, you get a slip with the vehicle number destination and the amount and immediately vehicles are available.  Regardless of the distance, the drivers do not crib and ply without a murmur and do not demand any extra money at the destination.

Still, there is some level of sanity in Bangalore left!


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