Exactly an year ago…

It was a Tuesday evening and I was in a group meeting at a friend’s place, when I got a call on my mobile from my aunt about my grandma’s worsening condition.  I immediately rushed to the hospital and saw my patti struggling to breath and soon a team took her to the ICU.

While I was pacing outside the ICU, I recalled that she was first admitted into Isabel Hospital on 18th Oct 2006 and had been in and out 5 times already in the intervening 3 months or so, which included a couple of stints in the ICU as well.  So I thought that it would be another day for her in the ICU before being moved to the special ward.

But when the Doctor came out and asked if I was her relative, I felt uneasy.   And when he said “I am sorry!  She is no more”, I was literally clueless for a moment because I thought that my grandma was ageless and immortal.

And as I waited next to her body while it was being prepared to be taken home, I was feeling totally numb and could not even express myself through tears.  Here was a person who had been more than a mother to me and I was devoid of any emotion.  I called up our family priest and informed him so that we can perform the obsequies, sent sms to a few friends and relatives about the passing away of my patti.

Even at that late hour, I was looking to do what was required for the next day like collecting the death certificate, giving an insert in the newspaper (in fact, went immediately to the office of The Hindu but was told that I was probably late by an hour).

I wrote a post in this blog immediately and mentioned that I will write more but did not.  Now, almost a year later, I am still trying to come into grips with the loss.

And this evening, the family members are organizing a musical tribute in her memory by rendering some of her divine compositions.

I am intending to write more about that soon …


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