Nobody needs any business

It is so surprising that considering how much business spends in promoting its products through ads, most people do not want business.  In fact, many people go to the extent of even spurning business that comes their way.

And it is not public sector alone that reacts this way but also entrepreneurs and private enterprises.  I recently had an experience of calling a private bank in response to their ad in a leading business newspaper seeking their FD forms.  I got the forms but they were meant for existing customers which I was not.  When i tried calling them again, they had switched the cell phone off.  And when i managed to track their branch, the concerned person said that he will have the relevant forms sent across immediately.

2 days passed but no sight of the forms.  And when I called them up, one executive had the temerity of asking me to confirm our address so that they could send the forms.  fortunately they had my address right with them but were sitting tight on that, for reasons best known to them.

With this attitude, why bother spending on ads at all? 


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