Ever looked into your outbox?

All of us are habituated to look at what we are receiving or what we are not receiving but seldom do we even glance at what we are giving or sending!

Simply put, we look at our inbox for the  emails that others have sent us but how often do we even open our “Sent Item” folder?

While we get irritated at the chain mails or the mails with huge attachments, rarely are we present to how many bulk mails or mails with sizable attachments we ourselves are sending.

We do not like being a part of 50 ids when we get our mails but we do not think twice in putting our entire address book in the to and cc fields when we want to inform something!

We frown at misspelt words in the emails that we receive but frequently send our mails without doing the basic spell checking with the available tools!

One can go on and on but the message is clear!  We need to take responsibility for the communication that we send if we really want to receive quality contents from others!

Do unto others what we want others to do to us!


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