Conclave between SEBI and (a)satya Raju?

I’m shocked to read that instead of Raju ‘being produced before SEBI’, he will be meeting the SEBI officials tomorrow and that too at the Satyam office.  This means that he is still at large and likely to be so for quite some more time.  Possibly, the SEBI officials might even be requesting him for some information and also seeking his help and cooperation to further their enquiry.

What are the law enforcement agencies waiting for?  I would have guessed that the politicians would like to appear on the side of the public opinion (although they care a hoot for the public, leave alone their opinion) and make a drama of an arrest but this is unbelievable.

More than Raju’s action of defrauding the system, this display of apathy by the government would send much stronger wrong signals to the global business community.

Although he has made a confession, he is still an accused and not a proved convict in the eyes of law but this hesitation on the part of the AP police or the central teams to even arrest him is definitely not acceptable.  He might have appeared to have confessed but that does not make him a saint.

We are again proclaiming to the world that there exist 2 distinct sets of treatment or response to crime.  If the accused is financially or politically weak or incorrect, we would parade him before the media  and share every detail of the investigation with the media at every available opportunity but if the person has strong connections and wealthy, then we would not even touch him.

Jai Hind!


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  1. Govind said,

    January 10, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    For thousands of crores of fraud, the maximum punishment he is entitled is a few thousand rupees fine and/or imprisonment of 2 years. Is that a joke. Perhaps, that made a good reason to come clean.

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