Having fun with a burst pipe at home!!!

Yesterday, I got a panic call from my wife Geetha who asked me to get a water resistant m-seal. Since I did not know the background and because it was quite late in the evening already, I made a cursory search and came back home.

In the meanwhile, all the water in the tank had been emptied because of a gaping hole in the pipe in the hose-connected outlet in the servant toilet at the rear of the home that was seldom used(for which Geetha had asked for a m-seal).

And at 10 pm, both of us set out on a journey from valluvar kottam all the way to koyambedu to find a hardware shop selling water-resistant m-seal. The ride was good and Geetha saw places she wouldn’t otherwise but the result was none of the hardware shops was open and the one guy who was partially open had the regular m-seal which did not work anyway. So we returned late at night with a resolution to do it the next day, ie today.

In the morning, I religiously set out and I struck gold at the very first attempt. On cloud nine, I handed over the water-resistant m-seal to Geetha. She also dutifully applied it in the affected portion of the pipe and allowed it to dry for an hour as prescribed. And then, we turned on the motor and within moments, the hole became active (notwithstanding the new m-seal) and started spewing water quite violently.

So much so for the background!!

Since we really needed water for the home for cooking and washing purposes, we could not afford to switch off the motor but the water was going down as fast as it was getting uploaded from the sump to the overhead tank. So I took a small bucket and held it horizontally against the water stream from the hole and managed to transfer it to bigger buckets for use in kitchen & toilets. But there were only so many buckets that I could fill.

The atmosphere was quite somber and people around were quite disturbed. I then had an inspiration and asked my younger son Ananthajith (aged 7) if he would like to take an impromptu bath in the horizontally spewing stream.

He took just an instant to decide and while I was busy collecting water for other vessels, he jumped right in and had a rollicking time. He had to necessarily move his body up, down and sideways to get the water to hit him where he wanted it but he didn’t really mind. We had switched off the motor by then and now only that water left in the tank was now getting drained.

And then I had another déjà vu moment! Having been almost fully wet thanks to the water collection exercise, I went in for the kill. I asked Ananthajith to move aside (much to his chagrin) and stepped in myself. Although it was quite a task to move different parts of my body to get the water at all places, it was real fun.

We not only managed to save some water for the domestic purposes but more importantly, we had lot of fun. And the bath was very enjoyable and rejuvenating.

Another instance of getting beyond a crisis and having fun



  1. Geetha said,

    February 22, 2010 at 3:55 am

    Thanks, Badri, for sharing this experience. A nice lesson that we should learn to and enjoy living in the Present.


    Geetha Manichandar

  2. uma said,

    February 22, 2010 at 5:47 am


    m seals dont solve the purpose these days – like the mosquitoes the leaks too have got accustomed i suppose. i have had enough like these and learnt that if its a hole and it leaks the best way is to tie it instantly with a cycle inner tube piece it seals the hole and is water proof and the dripping stops instantly. Try it out.


  3. Fuzzy said,

    February 22, 2010 at 6:02 am

    What an amazing guy. Not getting stuck in obstacles. Always seeking solutions. Fantastic da.
    PS-did you observe the rate of your breath during all this? It would have been slow and long. Only then creative thinking can take place.

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