An amazing transformation through genuine appreciation

Recently I had purchased a pre-owned car and completed all formalities of transfer of ownership but the insurance policy.

This morning, I went to the New India Insurance branch office with the car (for inspection) and met the Agent Manager there. While he was reviewing the application form, I saw a very nice poem in Tamil about walking in the early morning and mentioning his name at the bottom.  See the image below.

Then while the process was on at some other counter, I went upto him and asked if he had a copy of his poem to spare. That delighted him to no end as was evident from his beaming face. He immediately gave me a copy, shook my hands very firmly and in a friendly manner.

As I was about to leave the office with the new transfer document, I figured that the vehicle number was not mentioned in that and it was a cause of concern to me. So when I pointed this out to the counter clerk, the same Agent Manager (sitting at quite a distance) asked if there was any problem. The clerk told him about the missing information.

This person immediately took the transfer document, wrote the vehicle number in it, signed it and affixed the seal immediately, without even me asking for his intervention!!  I have inserted below the relevant portion of the policy where he has made the changes in hand, signed and even sealed.

In fact, the same person was very casual about my application in the beginning and even processed a couple of other forms that were submitted after me.

I was amazed at the transformation that was caused by a simple genuine gesture of mine showing interest in him and his creation.


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  1. Fuzzy said,

    February 27, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    We all need appraisals. Every creature in nature praises one another. Have we noticed this?
    Appraising (doesn’t have to always be official) and Praising is our very Nature.
    People who don’t, are only stressed.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and uplifting the moments in my life.

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