what’s all this fuss about?

I’m astounded at the level of public interest in the Nityananda “affair”. so what did he do? He had sex with a lady and now he is absconding!!!

What is our crib? That a sanyasi should not have sex? Sure, it goes against the grain of ‘Sanyas’ but all this only shows that this person could not control himself and succumbed to his desires. Fine, so what? You do not want to follow him, that’s your choice!

I really do not understand what’s the big reason for the law to get involved? 2 adults engage in consensual sex like millions of married couples do every day. Is that a crime? I can understand all this fuss if Nityananda forced the starlet but it was simple plain sex!

Is the media saying that the so-called sanyasis having sex is a crime? What about the recent incident involving a Governor? He was merely sent back and relieved of his responsibility!!

Let’s get off from all these ivory towers that people should behave in a set manner and start taking care of our lives.

The police and the law have no business, imo, to harass two adults where there is no crime established!!

I also understand that Nityanand’s ashram in Bangalore was razed down by goondas and even this is acceptable because Nityananda had sex.

C’mon Guys! There are better things to focus our energies (pun unintended!!)



  1. Knut Erik Jensen said,

    March 5, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Hi. Yeah I agree. I guess that the image of Nithyananda as a god-figure implies that he has abandoned all “earthly” lusts. He also talks about celibacy as a spiritual tool. But at the same time he´s saying that sex can be the most beautiful expression of love (rather than lust) for evolved souls – people with the right intentions. At the same time he said that he recommends sex only after marriage. He´s not married, but the actor apparently is..? So that´s pretty controversial, and even more so in India. I guess they see it as extremely immoral and imperfect (inappropriate for a REAL guru). I think this shakes deeply engraved religious conflicts and expectations latent in the Indian society. I mean to me, a liberal westerner, this isn´t much of a deal – it´s like a human side of the god-head-guru acted out. And I´m pretty shocked but also fascinated about the incredible rage and emotional enthusiasm in a religious context. Violence is NOT ok, especially in a spiritual setting. It goes against everything spirituality is about. So instead of focusing on what he´s saying, his teachings and internalizing his energy, they fanatically embrace him as a person first, and then immediately rage against him when something crashes with their image and morality. It´s completely egoistic and childish (in a bad way) both from the conspirators and the people committing the violent crimes. Sex-morality is strictly societal as far as I´m concerned. A spiritual leader like Osho even embraced random sex openly. Nithyananda probably wouldn´t do that out of respect to the tradition and his followers, regardless of the spiritual significance of it. I guess people see him as fake for having any sort of involvement with the lower energy chakras. Another thing… did we ever see them have sex? Clothes were on as far as I could see… I dunno.. I just can´t wait to see the outcome of all this. His first public talk about this will be electrifying.

    • badrirag said,

      March 5, 2010 at 8:40 am


      Well said. In fact, I was surprised about the public reaction in the US to Tiger Woods’ affairs, where pre-marital and extra-marital affairs are considered ok!

      Coming back to the issue on hand, is the media frenzy on anything they see as potential for sensation. I’m given to understand that the police in chennai have filed a case against Nityananda on grounds of cheating. I find this bizarre. From whatever is known publicly, he hasn’t cheated anybody except perhaps his followers who expected him to behave in a particular manner but that is not a legal ground for filing a chargesheet.

      And one other thing that is not talked about is who shot the video? As you have rightly pointed out, the video is not showing any intimacy between the players leave alone any compromising position.

      Was this a case of a blackmail that didn’t work and hence leaked to the media? Where did SunTV get the footage from?

      Why is the female’s face morphed and only certain side shots of Nityananda shown?

      I dunno if we will ever know answers to any of these questions!

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