Too early to react!

The media is abuzz with the death sentence to Kasab by a Trial court and our Ministers are already talking as if justice has been done.

It is time to recollect some facts before we can believe that.

Firstly, Kasab’s predecessor Afzal Guru is still waiting in the death row for years even after the Supreme court confirmed his sentence.

As far as Kasab is concerned, the sentence will have to be confirmed by the Mumbai High court and the Supreme court as well, just in case somebody appeals (and there is no dearth of appeals)

Then Human Rights activists will seek a Presidential Pardon for Kasab considering his young age and behaviour and while that process is on, he cannot be executed.

What if someone kidnaps a minister’s daughter and demands the release of Afzal and Kasab? The Government will only be too happy to oblige.

Pakistan might demand an international trial for Kasab claiming that the evidence is not sufficient and keeping in mind our diplomatic initiatives, we might even say yes to that.

One thing is certain: Kasab will die, if not by other means, atleast of old age.


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