Expecting responses to your personal emails?


Perhaps they did not even see your communication because

  • They check their mails only once a month or a quarter or
  • They only check an account which is accessible only to a select few or
  • They get an avalanche of mails where yours got buried never to be found again or
  • They are so much behind reading their mails that you will probably receive a response after 6 months when they actually find yours. or
  • They have set filters that allow only select mails and your id is not whitelisted, yet, or

Perhaps they saw your mail but

  • Did not get the time to read it or
  • Thought they would read it later but have not done so yet or
  • Gave it a quick read and thought they would read it leisurely later or
  • Thought it was a personal mail and didn’t bother to read it or
  • Did a weekly “Mark all unread as read” in which your mail was included or

Perhaps they even read it but

  • Thought it was for information purposes only and forgot or
  • Wanted to respond but got caught in a whirlpool or
  • Mentally said “Great news buddy” but never thought to respond or
  • Did not want to give priority to a response and let it pass or
  • Wondered if anyone would read his/her reply and skipped or
  • Did not have a net access at that time or
  • Wanted to write a properly worded reply and never did or
  • Got busy watching a cricket match or
  • Was in a vacation and promised the spouse that no mails or
  • Got chewed by the boss and strategizing how to get back or
  • Got mad by the kids and dog at home or
  • Got sloshed at a bar and lost all count of time or

So if someone actually responded, be THANKFUL even if the response

  • Was just blank or
  • Just had the standard signature with cheers or
  • Had a curt “Got it” or “take care”
  • Said something unconnected with your own message or
  • Had anything in it at all.

Are there more reasons?  Feel free to add.


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