Why so much attention to Mr Obama’s visit to India?

Mr Obama is in India as a Trade Representative of his country as is evident from the details of deals signed vide this article in Financial Times http://blogs.ft.com/beyond-brics/2010/11/07/obama-in-india-deals-breakdown/ .

He has come to sell his country’s services and products to India which is a very potential customer so that American companies can prosper and US jobs would be created. Nothing wrong with that and it is only correct that a salesman makes calls on the prospect or potential customer.

And the last time when Mr Obama’s predecessor Mr Bush came to India it was in the background of the Nuclear Bill which was again in the interests of American business.

Normally a customer would be given a red carpet welcome when he visits the vendor’s premises because they want to impress the customer about their capabilities and hospitality.

We seem to be doing just the opposite. We are treating a salesman (nothing derogatory about it) as a customer and that is what is really surprising to me.

We have come to believe that US is doing a big favour to India and Indians by having their President visit us and that is the root cause of all this euphoria.

The Raj legacy is still there except that UK is replaced by US.



  1. k.s. sreekanthj said,

    November 8, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Dear Badri
    With due respects to your observation,we must realise that the dollar is more than 45 times the rupee,which fact alone is enough to justify all that is going on.iT’S ALL “MONEY MATTERS”

    • badrirag said,

      November 8, 2010 at 7:04 am

      Dear Sreekanth,

      The exchange rate is a huge anomaly or distortion by itself and is pegged there artificially by many vested interests. 45 Rupee to a dollar is not based on any value algorithm and certainly not in our favour. In fact, by these deals which are $ denominated, we are paying much more than the real worth and possibly even help shore the $ value.

      As a nation, we do not have the dignity and self-esteem despite the tags of world’s largest democracy, fast growing nation etc and still look upon others as superior. That is the real issue.

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