Watching the Watch-Dog?

The Supreme Court has asked the Central Government to place the records on the appointment of Thomas as the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) before it on the grounds to establish that it followed the procedures in selecting him for the top watch dog post. This is a big blow to the Government that is working overtime to stage a cover-up of the spectrum scandal given his connection.  Although nothing may eventually come out of this directive from the Supreme Court, it would atleast give some fodder for the moral-posturing opposition.

Even if Mr Thomas is eminently qualified to discharge the responsibilities that the CVC post entails (as the Government would obviously claim in its submission), his proximity to the telecom 2G Spectrum scandal alone should have excluded him from consideration.

“Ceaser’s wife should not only be above-board but also seem to be so”

This comes close on the heels of the TN High Court quashing the appointment of Ms Lathika Charan as DGP of the state on grounds that the government has not followed the procedures and guidelines.

Will this be an ongoing battle between the Judiciary and the Executive?





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